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Introducing Noy Marom and her inspiring short film

Noy Marom is an Israeli actress based in NYC.
She was born and raised in Israel and moved to New York to pursue acting.
Noy is a graduate of The Stella Adler Studio of Acting, class of 2017.
Other training and workshops include: Grace Kiley Acting, The Barrow Group and The Nissan Nativ Acting Studio (Israel).
Theater credits include: Dian in Escape from Happiness, Sara in God of Vengeance, Eva in Last Summer at Bluefish Cove, A in the short play Kiss That Frog and The Letters Project.                             
Film credits include: What Would Nova do?, Date Night, Shidduch, Crush and Once More Time with Feeling.
 Recently, Noy co-produced and acted in the independent short film A New York moment.
 A New York Moment is a special project that was created by a group of friends who are also international artists.
The short film tells the story of two good friends, Dana and Molly, both facing the struggles of pursuing their dreams in the big apple.
Noy Marom plays the character of the Dana, a strong-minded Israeli girl in the big apple, trying to find her way to success while struggling to make ends meet.
Amanda Erixon plays the character of Molly, a fragile girl from Sweden that has an open heart and many dark secrets.
The story takes place in a park in NYC and it gives us a look into their journey as individuals and as friends, their hopes and dreams, love affairs, friendships and struggles.
The best friends try to stay together and support each other through it all, but they're about to face another serious difficulty along the way.
As previously mentioned, the film was created by an international group of friends who are artists from different countries: Noy Marom is from Israel and so is the
producer and coordinator Vered Rodrigues. Amanda Erixon is from Sweden and so is the PA Emilia Björnsdotter. The writer, Anthony Demare is from Canada.
The director, Flemming Laursen is from Denmark and the sound technician, James Boylan, is American.
The film is currently being submitted to film festivals world-wide and was recently announced as a Semi-Finalist of the Variety International Film Festival.


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Integrating methodologies from her own training as an actor and her experience as a teacher at prestigious institutions, Grace has developed her own approach to the work that encompasses technique, scene study, on-camera experience, and the underlying principles that allow an actor to explore and expand in all of these areas. Grace demonstrates again and again that when the student brings courage and is met by a teacher who can inspire, instruct, and guide— transformation is inevitable. 

Note: The first portion of each class is devoted to technique exercises followed by scene study and monologues. 

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The class imparts the techniques that allow directors to achieve—and even exceed—their artistic vision with their actors, while actors gain the structure and creative license they need to tap into intuition and instinct.  Together they unveil the essential life and meaning embedded in the story. 

All students will participate both as directors and as actors to experience how communication affects and determines the level of trust and potential in the working relationship. The creative path will begin with script analysis, including established dramatic language, and proceed through rehearsal techniques that enhance mutual respect, growth, and inspirations, to the final product: the students' rehearsed, directed, and filmed scenes, which they will all "own" as their personal artistic work

8 weeks.  To be scheduled later in 2019 - TBD.

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Class fees are due by check or cash.  Students who wish to pay by credit card may do so with the PayPal link below.



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